About Logo

The Emblem that the KONASEEMA BHANOJI RAMARS COLLEGE has adopted officially is carefully designed, beautifully carved, meaningful and symbolic of the ideology that the institution stands for.It truly reflects the Vision, Mission, Aims and Objectives of the Institution.The emblem of our College reflects lofty the ideals, aspirations, philosophy Programmes, and objectives of our prestigious institution. It was designed by late Sri Gummididala Subba Rao the famous Freedom Fighter. Sri Subba Rao was a great writer and intellectual who conducted a number of scientific programmes on behalf of “ GOSHTI “ organization. He dreamed of KONASEEMA to be a great naval trade centerThe are 3 channels of the entitled GOWTHAMI, VASHISTA and VAINATEYA which enrich the greenery of Konaseema.
The above three channels were clearly depicted in our emblem. The idea behind drawing the channels in our emblem is that the students of our college should grow to a stage of scientific development which utilizes these channels.Earth, Water and Sky are the fields for human development.
The main crops in KONASEEMA are Coconuts, Bananas, Mangoes, Paddy etc. The Coconut and Mango trees are taken as representatives of crops in Konaseema and hence the pictures of the two trees are drawn at the North and South sides of the emblem. The pictures of the Areoplane and Ships are also there in our Emblem which indicate the transportation facilities.Though there is no such provision now at Konaseema, they envicage our future aspiration.The first letter of Gayatri Manthra “OME” the symbol of pranavam is the center of our emblem.The first line of Gayatri Manthra is incorporated in our emblem with the aim of spreading spiritual education to one and all.
The meaning of the above line is that the almighty sun who is responsible for the total activity in the creation should provide the intellectual capacity for us for progress.Incidentally, the chief donor of our College bears the name of BHANOJI, i.e., Sun, the almighty in the Sloka used in our emblem
Wehope that the product of our College will be inspired by noble ambitions of our emblem and will rise to the occasion and keep the prestige of our great Institution.