1. NAME:

the name of the Association shall be:-Sree Konaseema Bhanoji Ramars College, Amalapuram.


 The registered office of the Association shall be at the place where the college is located in Konaseema, i.e Central Delta, Comprising the Revenue Taluks of Amalapuram, Razole, Kothapeta and Mummidivaram of the East Godavari District


The objects of the Association shall be
(a) To maintain manage and administer the affairs of “Sree Konaseems Bhanoji Ramars college” Amalapuram.
(b) To carry out the conditions of affiliation of the said college to the Andhra University.
(c) To start any associate & affiliate institutions of the said college within the Konaseema Area, with   a view to impart and promote higher literary, cultural, scientific , technical, agricultural,industrial and naval education, at the discretion of the Governing body of the Association & to maintain, manage and administer the affairs of the same.
(d) To find and raise the necessary funds and properties to maintain the said college and the associate or affiliate institutions and to administer the same
(e) To act as a “Trust Board” for accepting endowments, request, donations, subscriptions and securing the college fees collected and other transfers of properties made to the said college or of any of the associate or affiliate institutions and to administer them in accordance with the terms and conditions agreed to
(f) To assist and promote the cause of higher education generally , including literary,cultural & scientific Research.
(g) And to Co-operate with other institutions having similar objects as this Association.

Members Signed on paper:

1.G.V.S.Ramachandra Rao , Secretary, S.K.B.R.College
2.D.V.Krishna rao, Advocate, Member.
3.P.Ramachandra Rao, Principal,Committee Member.
4.G.Suryanarayana, Advocate, Member.
5.J.Mallaparaju, Treasurer.
6.N.Ramabhadra Raju, President.
7.M.Subba rao, Member.


1. N.A.Ramachandramurthi, Advocate & Member.
2.A.Venkata Rao, Member.

S.No. Name Of The Member Occupation Address
4 Banker Kolluri China Venkataratnam Amalapuram
2 Zamindar J.V.B.Ramars Garu Peruru
3 Inamdar G.V.S.Ramachandra Rao Peruru
1 MLA N.Ramabhadra Raju Kodurupadu
5 Banker Pachigolla Subba Rao Amalapuram
6 Doctor Dr.J.Mallaparaju,L.M.P Amalapuram
7 Inamdar Kudupudi Suryanarayana Amalapuram
8 Inamdar Polisetti Swami Naidu Gudala
9 B.A, B.L,Advocate B.N.Sastry, Amalapuram
10 B.A,B.L, Advocate D.V.KrishnaRao, Amalapuram
11 ,B.A,B.L, Advocate K.Venkataratnam Amalapuram
12 B.A,B.L, Advocate N.A.Ramachandramurthi, Amalapuram
13 MBBS,Doctor Dr.G.Dharma Rao, Amalapuram
14 Inamdar Vadrevu jaggaraju Amalapuram
15 M.A Principal Peddada Ramachandra Rao , Amalapuram

we the Several persons whose names and addresses are subscribed hereunder are desirous of being formed into an association under the Societies Registration Act.XXI of 1860.